Not many will recognize that this Delhi’s own Yamuna. Yes, this clean. The photo is taken at a place called Jagatpur, 2 kms upstream of Wazirabad. I dream of a clean Yamuna downstream of Wazirabad too. As many as 28 drains dump sewage in the Yamuna downstream of Wazirabad. The Delhi Jal Board has
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The really sustainable housing

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Today, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) will be releasing ‘Building Sense: Beyond the Green Façade of Sustainable Habitat’, its first publication on the ‘green’ building sector. Its invitation for the event said a panel of eminent architects who have done pioneering work in designing and making sustainable buildings across the country will be
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People’s Climate March in Delhi

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The World Meterological Organisation (WMO) declared 2001-2010 as the ‘Decade of Climate Extremes’. Then we had Uttarakhand disaster in 2013 and we are still dealing with the recent massive floods in Jammu & Kashmir . Experts tell us that an increasingly erratic and damaging change in the global and regional climate systems has already started
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