These posts will have write ups, opinions and news stories about social sector, health issues and something that is close to my heart – about indigenous communities, called as adivasis in India and tribals the world over

More people should use this zero sewage discharge toilet

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The three-decade old ‘Gramkranti Eco-Bio Toilet’ doesn’t pollute or need a septic tank or a sewage network. In fact, its output is a nutrient-rich liquid that can be used as a pesticide! Toilets need a septic tank or a connection to a sewage network, enough water to clean and flush, and regular maintenance to ensure
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Is the government really serious about rehabilitation of manual scavengers? New Delhi: It is centuries old, most inhuman of the practices. And unfortunately, despite the rule of law, it is rampant in large pockets, including in the national capital of Delhi, across India. Manual scavenging – what the Centre even failed to acknowledge exists till
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Incredible life of Rubina Patel

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Nagpur: Incredible! That is how Rubina Patel’s life story is. She came from a well to do, educated, business family, married to a teacher, blessed with two children. She wanted to study and help the community through her social work. But her life went on an unexpected trajectory. If fighting against an abusive father was
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